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My soul left me when I got a pentium.

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12th February 2009

sorcerykid4:24pm: Unix time's 1234567890 second countdown
by Randy Krause

I thought some of you with a comp-sci or math background would find this discovery I made interesting!

Friday, February 13, 2009 marks another very significant date in computer history. Microcomputer clocks are based on the number of seconds that elapsed since midnight of January 1, 1970, which is a universal standard defined as the "epoch."

However, on Friday the 13th at 05:31:30 PM Central, personal computers worldwide will rollover to the highest possible number of consecutive clock digits in history: 1,234,567,890 seconds. Incidentally, this sequence matches the layout of the QWERTY keyboard perfectly -- certainly an indelible moment for the technophiles.


Surprisingly, we witnessed a similarly rare occurence in March of 2005 as Unix geeks worldwide waited in anticipation for a clock readout of 1,111,111,111 seconds.

If you missed that occasion, then be sure to mark your calendars. For this is the last historic numerological event of its kind to occur during our lifetime (using decimal notation at least). Most modern personal computer software only stores the date field as a signed 32-bit integer, rendering any longer patterns essentially "out of range."

15th January 2007

deadendkid6:50pm: This community seems kind of dead.
This community seems kind of dead but I just wanted to drop in and say hi. My name is Shana and I was born and raised in Champaign. I live in Texas now but will be moving back to CU in a matter of months. Maybe we can breathe some life back into this community?

6th September 2006

vrykolakas10:18pm: NEED A JOB???
Toys R Us of Champaign is still hiring!

we have the following part-time positions to fill:

Sales Associates: Bike/ Power Wheels Assembler Early Morning/ Overnight Stock Crew:

Video Games/ Electronics 6am-10am


please go to our careers website to apply: http://www.toysrus.com/careers

24th August 2006

vrykolakas12:08pm: Toys R Us jobs available in Champaign

we have the following openings:

-children's clothing associates
-inventory/ stock clerks
-early morning crew
-overnight crew
-cashiers and sales associates
-guest service/ returns

we offer competitve wages and flexible hours.
sorry, there are no full time positions.

11th May 2006

vrykolakas9:29am: Calling All Gamers
Do you need a part time or summer job? We need people for the video games/ electronics section of our store- Champaign's Toys r us. You must be 18 or older, experience in retail or sales is preferred. Please come in and fill out an application. If you'd like more information about the job, email me at gamberm@gmail.com, or come in and see me there today until 4pm, friday from 4 to 9pm, saturday 430-9pm. Tell your friends!



7th November 2005

vrykolakas8:24am: Gamers Wanted
Toys "R" Us of Champaign (north neil, near marketplace mall) is hiring and needs you-- the gamer!

Looking for a part-time seasonal job to make extra money? Don't want this Christmas to break the bank? Have you worked with electronics and video game hardware/software before? If not, are you willing to learn more?

We have lost a couple employees from the coveted Rzone section and are now looking to fill those positions fast! It is preferred that you have some prior video games knowledge, the more the better. We offer competitive pay, benefits, and lots of toy-related fun! All employees get a 10% discount and we are always having great sales.

To join us in our pre-holiday joy, visit us today and fill out an in-store application. While you're there, ask for Scott (hiring manager). Questions? call: 217.356.8697

(I apologize for this cheesey ad to whore out Toys R Us-- but we really do have fun and really do need people who will know what they are doing) THANKS!

15th October 2005

vrykolakas11:12am: Toys R Us Open House JOB Fair
If you're looking for a part time or seasonal job soon and need extra cash for the holidays, Toys R Us is a great place to work! I've worked with two stores for over three years and I love it there!

We offer: Competitive Pay
Flexible Hours
Healthcare Coverage
Associate Discount
Fun, lots of fun!

Come Apply in person, sorry no take-homes... OPen house is today Saturday from 10am to 5pm... or if you can't make it, come in anytime to fill out an application. When you're done, ask for Scott (hiring manager). We train in many areas of the store (including VIDEO GAMES), we also have overnight shift hours available, usually from 9/10 pm-6am. If you like making people happy, have a friendly attitude or just have a fun demeanor-- we want you to visit us!!!

27th August 2005

vrykolakas8:18am: Yardsale all up in my Hizzy
Hey everyone, my name is Amber and I am new to the Champaign-Urbana area. I moved here with my boyfriend (lj_spacebump) from Gainesville, FL and I'm looking to make friends.

I'm having a yardsale today and thought it would be a great opportunity to meet people from this community. So, if you'd like to buy some of my Floridian wares, please come by between 9-5+... 1413 Lincolnshire Drive... directions from prospect/kirby intersection are to go west on kirby and head toward mayfair (free standing traffic light in road) then left on south mayfair to lincolnshire dr on the right. we're on the left in a block of townhouses.

We have all kinds of stuff like a ton of books,linens,LPs, random housewares, a skateboard and lacross stick.. (wow, all kinds of random crap)...

Anyway, if you can't come, please introduce yourself or read up on my livejournal, drop me a line. I look forward to meeting you guys, thanks! Have a great weekend.

13th June 2005

wulfgyr2:35pm: GEEK CUISINE
OK, in the past couple of months I started watching a show on Food Network called "Good Eats". I'm totally hooked. It's a cooking show that is laced with lots of practical science, food history, info on proper selection of cooking utensils, unorthodox cooking methods, and pop culture references. The host, Alton Brown (http://www.altonbrown.com) has been referred to as Mr. Wizard meets Julia Childs.

If you have any interest in cooking I recommend checking this show out if you haven't already. Unlike many cooking shows it's not just someone droning on and on about recipes and/or anecdotes about their family. It's the most interesting cooking show I've ever seen and I come away from every episode feeling like I've been entertained, I've learned something, and I'm looking forward to cooking something from the show or applying what I've learned to some other dish. Plus it's fun to watch someone cook BBQ pork in a flowerpot or smoke bacon in discarded school lockers.

Food Network runs this show every weeknight at 6pm and new episodes run on Wednesday night at 9pm followed by a rerun episode. Alton also has some books out: "Gear for your Kitchen" where he lists what are the essential tools to have when cooking and what features he feels you should look for when shopping for the item (he does push some brand names, but also at times he'll tell you when you're better off buying the cheapest stuff available). "I'm Just Here for the Food: Food + Heat = Cooking" where he addresses various cooking methods. And "I'm Just Here for More Food: Food X Mixing + Heat = Baking" where he breaks all baking recipes into different types of mixing methods. I've just started reading "I'm Just Here for More Food" and just so you know it's a different type of cookbook I was past page 87 before I started getting to any recipes. The first part of the book is devoted to basic types of ingredients and what effect they have on the final product, basic tool recommendations, why these things are important, and much much more information. By the time I got to a recipe I understood why each of the ingredients was in there and why he specified one type of flour over another. I have a much better appreciation for the whole process of cooking instead of just following a recipe as a means to an end.

Anyway, this show totally appealed to the geek in me so I thought I'd share.

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17th March 2005

sorcerykid4:49pm: A significant numerological date in computer history
by Randy Krause

I thought some of you with a comp-sci or math background would find this discovery I made interesting!

Thursday, March 17, 2005 marks a very distinctive date in computer history. Microcomputer clocks are based on the number of seconds that elapsed since midnight of January 1, 1970, which is a universal standard defined as the "epoch."

However, at 19:58:31 Central on March 17, for the first time in 35 years, the entire world of computers will roll over to the longest ever number of repeating clock digits: 1,111,111,111 seconds.

If you have software that supports milliseconds, tonight you can see an even more amazing timestamp of 1,111,111,111,111 which is exactly one-trillion, one-hundred eleven billion, one-hundred eleven million, one-hundred eleven thousand, one-hundred eleven milliseconds since 1970!

It is interesting to note that you will never see a clock readout of 2,222,222,222 seconds (effectively June 1, 2040) or beyond because that is out of range: Most modern personal computer software only stores the date field as a signed 32-bit integer. Therefore, today's computer systems would cease to function properly beyond 2038, which gives humanity plenty of time to prepare for the next "Y2K bug."

Now, if you miss this historical numerological event, you can still look forward to one more to occur in the next 20 years. On Friday, February 13, 2009, we can count up to 1,234,567,890 seconds since the "birth of the first personal computer".

(For the Unix geeks, 1970 was also the year Bell Labs invented UNIX, hence the date choice.)

20th August 2004

splinched10:43pm: Howdy
Hey yall. I live in Arizona, but since my parents are brats and are going through the whole "I hate you let's move to opposite sides of the country" thing, I may be moving to Decator IL. in a month or so. I was just wondering what is up over there. Are the schools underfunded? Are the people nice? Will I be atacked by by rapid corn? Champaigne is about an hour away from Decator, but I haven't been able to find a group dealing with my (maybe) soon to be home yet. I'm counting on you guys. Please comment and let me know what living in Illinois is like.

Keep is real

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26th July 2004

wulfgyr11:57am: OK, I've gone anime crazy
I finally sat down and watched most of the Tenchi Muyo tapes that a friend of mine lent me a year ago. I watched Tenchi Muyo: Ryu Ohki tapes 1-6 and the Special that wraps up the story. I just need to watch Tenchi Muyo: The Movie and I'll have seen them all.

I also picked up a DVD at Best Buy called Cosmo Warrior Zero last week and I watched the episodes on that (it's one of four disks I guess). It's pretty good so I ordered the collection from Best Buy.

Cowboy Bebop: The Movie is on Starz On Demand but I don't know if I'll have time to watch it this week before I head up to Games Day Chicago for the weekend.

I've also downloaded a couple of episodes of animes that aren't currently available on DVD. I got the first two episodes of Galaxy Express 999 and working on getting the first ep of Card Captor Sakura.

I'm also downloading a bunch of Anime Music Videos. Some of those are great (and some are not... ah well... they're free)
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21st July 2004

wulfgyr10:04am: What's a geek to watch on TV???
OK, First Buffy, then Ed, then Angel. Now the only things I have left to watch on TV are The Simpsons, Malcolm, and South Park.

Help me out. What's a geek to watch???

My TV viewing schedule is wide open. If I don't have something to watch then I'll be subjected to my wife's 24/7 schedule of Trading Spaces/While You Were Out/What Not to Wear/Ground Force/Changing Rooms/What Not to Wear(BBC version)/Design on a Dime/Designing for the Sexes/Designer's Challenge/etc... AAAAAAAAAAUUUUGH!

I guess I can always paint minis or play Champions of Norrath...
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14th July 2004

sorcerykid1:02pm: Quiz Time
What do all of these artists have in common?

Exhibit 1: The Cure, Siouxsie, and Bauhaus
Exhibit 2: Mephisto Walz, Dead Can Dance, and Cocteau Twins
Exhibit 3: Rev Co, Collide, and KMFDM

A) All are originally 80s bands
B) None have been been signed to a U.S. recording label
C) They are frequently played at The Red Herring on Friday nights
D) They have all used sound samples from classic horror flicks
E) All of the above

The correct answer is....Collapse )

12th July 2004

sorcerykid9:11am: This is one of the most ingenious science essays I've ever read. More students need to follow this precedent.


My favourite point is: "You die when you are struck by lighting, and your tree is is knocked down."

And the last paragraph seems like an allegory out of the Next Testament: "...they put it all in the mixing bowl and they mix in storms -- storms with lightning -- and so they mix in the lightning, and then they get the product, if they're lucky, of measurements about lightning from the storm. What kind of measurements? We may never know..."


7th July 2004

sorcerykid8:47pm: Since middle school I've been able to recite pi to 30 decimal places, just because it's such a kewl number -- a completely nonrepeating ratio that cannot be represented in any truly simple form and yet as a perfect geometric figure: the circle (i.e. the infinite polygon). How often does that dichotomy happen in nature? Okay, perhaps a lot, esp. if you consider that Einstein died trying to prove the unified field theory of the Universe, which btw, is of course now provable via string theory which rulez! Hehe.

Okay that's enough geekiness for me today.

ellie_desu8:09pm: http://www.cuwireless.net/

It's really cool, even though I can't help much, it's interesting to read about it.
ellie_desu8:08pm: Welcome
Post anything nerdy....post if you are bored....lord knows it's hard to meet people here...post an intro, just post!
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