Amber (vrykolakas) wrote in do_ne_ge_of_cu,

Gamers Wanted

Toys "R" Us of Champaign (north neil, near marketplace mall) is hiring and needs you-- the gamer!

Looking for a part-time seasonal job to make extra money? Don't want this Christmas to break the bank? Have you worked with electronics and video game hardware/software before? If not, are you willing to learn more?

We have lost a couple employees from the coveted Rzone section and are now looking to fill those positions fast! It is preferred that you have some prior video games knowledge, the more the better. We offer competitive pay, benefits, and lots of toy-related fun! All employees get a 10% discount and we are always having great sales.

To join us in our pre-holiday joy, visit us today and fill out an in-store application. While you're there, ask for Scott (hiring manager). Questions? call: 217.356.8697

(I apologize for this cheesey ad to whore out Toys R Us-- but we really do have fun and really do need people who will know what they are doing) THANKS!
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